Safe Drinking Water


Jesus said, “If anyone drinks the living water I give them, they will never be thirsty again. For when you drink the water I give you, it becomes a gushing fountain of the Holy Spirit, flooding you with endless life!” – John 4:14

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Children die daily from drinking contaminated water

People drink water contaminated with feces

+800 water filtration systems placed in 40 countries to date.

Safe drinking water for every person.

Storm Chaser Foundation (SCF) partners with Air Mobile Ministries to provide safe drinking water in rural communities around the world using the Air Mobile Rescuer portable water purification system.

The water filtration system is an amazing life saving tool that weighs a mere 20 pounds and produces up to 25 gallons of pure water every hour. This is enough drinking water for 500 people per day! 

This powerful ministry tool has saved countless souls in desperate conditions. To date, over 800 of these water filtration systems have strategically been placed in 40 countries worldwide. It’s amazing how God’s love and compassion shine through something as simple as a cup of clean drinking water!

Clean Water for Kurdistan

North of Iraq’s Kurdistan’s capital, Erbil, lies the Nineveh Plain. This region is the location of the biblical city of Nineveh where Jonah preached, and where today the majority of Iraq’s remaining Christian population lives in small villages dotting the landscape. It is also the region where ISIS attacked and slaughtered whole populations, driving tens of thousands more to die in the searing heat of the desert. Today, the Nineveh Plains is a collection of scattered villages, and the one thing they lack is access to safe drinking water.

Water Filters for Women

Hours walked every day by women collecting water

Women walk 30+ Minutes multiple times daily for water

Globally, an estimated 14 million women walk more than 30+ minutes multiple times in a day to collect water. According to UNICEF, women and children collectively walk an average of 200 million hours per day to gather water. This is an enormous waste of valuable time! Imagine what women could accomplish if they didn’t spend their time walking long distances for water!

SCF’s Water for Women Fund is a new initiative created to eliminate a simple yet extremely challenging hardship: access to safe drinking water. A single water filtration system purifies 25 gallons of safe drinking water every hour. This is enough drinking water to meet the hydration needs of 500 people per day.

Disaster Preparedness

In times of natural disaster, access to safe drinking water is a top priority. People can live for many weeks without food, but for only three days without water. Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. often make it very difficult to reach people when infrastructure is damaged. The most efficient way to deliver safe water to people after a natural disaster is to strategically place water filtration systems in the hands of community leaders and medical providers, which is what SCF does.

A single water filtration system weighs 20lbs, yet filters 25 gallons of water per hour, meeting the hydration needs of 500 people per day. There is no better way to serve people in disaster situations than with a provision of safe drinking water.

Give Today

The cost of Storm Chaser Foundation’s water filtration system is $3000. This investment provides safe drinking water for 500 people per day for 15+ years with minimal annual maintenance required.