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Water purification

Trauma counseling

Childhood Hunger

Jesus said…

I was hungry and you gave Me food.
I was thirsty and you gave Me a drink.
I was a stranger and you took Me in.
I was naked and you clothed Me.
I was sick and you visited Me.
I was in prison and you came to Me.

Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.

-Matthew 25:35-40

Water Purification

In many places around the world, potable (safe) drinking water from surface and ground sources is scare. Although water may be available, it is not drinkable unless treated for microorganisms, bacteria, toxic chemicals, viruses and fecal matter. Gastrointestinal issues resulting from the consumption of untreated water include: diarrhea, severe dehydration, cholera, hepatitis, typhoid fever, gastroenteritis, etc. These diseases are costly to treat and life-threatening.

Storm Chaser Foundation addresses water insecurity with a powerful 20 pound water filtration system that has dramatically improved life for people in over 40 nations. This system filters 25 gallons of water per hour and provides pure water for up to 500 people each day. This system is particularly important in times of natural disaster, as well as for women and children who walk long distances to collect water to survive.

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Trauma Counseling

Even in their worst nightmares, most people cannot fathom the horrors perpetrated against minority groups in Turkey, Syria, and Northern Iraq at the hands of the terrorist organization, ISIS. While under ISIS occupation, thousands of men, women and children were killed and buried in mass graves. Young women were given as sex slaves and brides to young ISIS recruits. Untold numbers of young girls who escaped, have since committed suicide. Those who remain are in critical need of trauma counseling.

Storm Chaser Foundation partners with the Iraqi Bible Society to recruit, train and empower trauma counselors for Kurdistan. This sensitive work is mission critical, preventing suicide, restoring peace of mind and heart, and providing a pathway for victims to find Jesus as their healer and Savior.

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Childhood Starvation

Until all children have consistent access to nutritious, sufficient and safe food, SCF will support local food programs globally. As of April 2019, 135 million people in 55 nations (73 million on the continent of Africa) faced acute starvation. 11 million are children under age 5. That number has risen dramatically since the onset of COVID in March 2020. Supporting food programs that meet critical needs of hungry, malnourished children is a powerful way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to support Christian brothers and sisters globally.

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Trauma Counseling Seminar

erbil, Kurdistan

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