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"Our Children's Bread" Fund

Covid-19 is a global crisis, and for many millions of children, its effects will be felt for a lifetime. In 2020 under strict Covid-induced lockdowns, 132 million people around the world went hungry, and 44 million of these people were children. This storm of childhood starvation is on our radar, and a top priority for Stormchaser Foundation. 

“For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…”

– Jesus, Matthew 25:35

Childhood Hunger

Covid-19 and children

“Children are not the face of this pandemic. But they risk being among its biggest victims, as children’s lives are nonetheless being changed in profound ways. All children, of all ages, and in all countries, are being affected, in particular by the socio-economic impacts and, in some cases, by mitigation measures that may inadvertently do more harm than good.

This is a universal crisis and, for some children, the impact will be lifelong. Moreover, the harmful effects of this pandemic will not be distributed equally. They are expected to be most damaging for children in the poorest countries, and in the poorest neighborhoods, and for those in already disadvantaged or vulnerable situations.”

Protect a generation

“The COVID-19 pandemic has hit people from all countries and communities around the world. We are all worried about the immediate impact of this crisis, but children in particular are at risk of experiencing damaging consequences for years to come…
It is clear that the most deprived and marginalised children are being hit the hardest by the pandemic, exacerbating existing inequalities and pushing the most vulnerable children even further behind. For too many children, missing school means that they may never return; a parent losing his or her income means children go hungry; and increased pressures and stress on families mean that children experience more violence.”
Inger Ashing, Save the Children, International CEO

“Our Children’s Bread” Food Programs

Tackling childhood hunger in Africa…

Royal Seed Home

Ghana, West Africa

Royal Seed Home, founded and operated by Maa Naomi, is home to 150+ growing, thriving children.

Salnelle Bakery

George, South Africa

Salnelle Bakery donates approximately 10% of its bread to soup kitchens, feeding up to 1500 children each day.


It is hard to imagine a child going hungry, and not consuming enough calories from food each day to sustain proper growth, learning or play. Storm Chaser Foundation’s “Our Children’s Bread” Fund provides for critical nutritional needs of extremely vulnerable children in Ghana and South Africa. Please consider joining us in addressing childhood starvation. A small recurring donation will go a long way toward calming the destructive storm of childhood hunger.